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I guide people to recall their purpose, upgrade their sensemaking, find their tribe, and play the cosmic game. Learn more at:



In collaboration with other producers

I've designed and organized on my own and with others, a variety of both offline and online events and experiences all over the world (Athens, London, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Zurich, Munich, Paris and Copenhagen to name a few) that last from a few hours to an entire month. From events that combine philosophy and martial arts, to governance summits, art and music performances, interdisciplinary hackathons and Startup Weekends, speaking tours on consciousness, multi-modal events dedicated to Ethical Hedonism (Hedoné LA), and experiences dedicated to co-creation and alchemy.



Blackbox, TheGlint, Sandbox

I've been a member, and served as ambassador, community council, and elected governance council member for Sandbox since 2010. I've been a founding philosopher-in-residence for Blackbox, a next generation tech accelerator, and co-founder of TheGlint, a multidisciplinary live-work space dedicated to redesigning heroism.

SEP 2017 – DEC 2017

Visiting Researcher

Hong Kong Polytechnic University, School of Design

Did research on how to facilitate self-development through the design of learning environments, living spaces, technology and experience design.



Numinous Quest/Letters to the One

I write philosophical essays, compiled a short book of aphorisms & observations (all here:, and publish love letters (



Patent Safari

I provide preliminary advice for startups with respect to IP strategy and conduct prior art searches; I've designed and consulted on patent software design and architecture and have worked closely with two world class patent agents, that I'm still affiliated with, contributing to IP Portfolio analyses and presentations. I recently worked for Electronic Scripting Products, Inc. in reviewing and suggesting arguments for a case, Valve Corporation v. Electronic Scripting Products, Inc., Case IPR2019-00064, -00065, -00085 (PTAB May 1, 2019), that was won at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and deemed precedential by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

OCT 2008 – SEP 2012


Patent Safari

Patent Safari was a web application designed to provide fully automated patent application and reexamination tracking. We built it from scratch starting in Oct. 2008 and managed to have clients as big as Morrison and Foerster. I sold my share Sept. 2012. Patent Safari eventually transitioned to a boutique patent firm that provides intellectual property services ranging from patent prosecution, patent re-examinations, technical due diligence to IP portfolio analysis.


OCT 2014 – DEC 2014

Offshore Sailing Certification

Hellenic Offshore Sailing Club

Certified as a skipper for offshore sailing.

NOV 2013 – AUG 2014


Hellenic Army

Served my obligatory 9 month military service in the Hellenic Army, Artillery division in the following capacities:

– I was Quarter Master for an artillery company of approximately 40 conscripts at the Center for Artillery Training in Thebes (ΚΕΠΒ), where I took the personal initiative to form and lead an innovation and problem-solving team that, with the support of Major Kalaitzidis and Lieutenant Mastrogiannakis, conducted research and optimizations on intra-departmental communication work-flow, secured a corporate donation of computer equipment for training purposes and drafted a proposal for the further optimization of conscript on-boarding, reducing expenditures without affecting operations with a more optimal utilization of conscript talent and work experience.

– At the 79TE Artillery Unit in the island of Samos, other than conducting my regular duties (getting certified for driving military vehicles, patrol duty, guarding outposts, scrubbing toilets etc.), I was part of the Emergency Response Unit as a Forward Observer, came first in my whole unit for marksmanship at 300 meters with a Heckler & Koch G3A3 rifle on a scheduled rifle training exercise, was part of the disassembly and reassembly exhibition group for the same rifle, was an active member of the basketball team that won the inter-unit championship of Samos and submitted a 10 page presentation filled with proposals for the optimization of unit operations, knowledge and waste management.

SEP 2002 – DEC 2003

MA in Philosophy

University of Reading, UK

Did research on whether there can be evidence for moral principles, the limits of rationality, a genealogy of causality, and Nietzsche's rejection of substance and embrace of process metaphysics.

SEP 1997 – AUG 2002


American College of Greece, Deree

Made it to the Dean's List, graduated with High Distinction (3.65 CI) and minored in Sociology.


Critical + Strategic Thinking










Danielle Siembieda

Danielle Siembieda

Managing Director, Leonardo/ISAST

"It takes skill and passion to connect with people. This is something that Alexandros carries with him with his philosophical insight and empathic intuition. He works excellently with communities because he truly cares about people and what they have to say."

Damian Madray

Damian Madray

Founder & Designer, Presence

"Alexandros & I co-founded TheGlint and that allowed me the privilege and opportunity to know one of the best humans I've ever met. I really loved his attention to detail whether it be the pronunciation of his name, copy or the typography in a design. It was the first thing I noticed about him. He isn't a designer but his understanding and appreciation of it supersedes that of many designers. Without Alexandros, TheGlint wouldn't be possible...he was pivotal in designing the culture for our community, one that valued creativity, conversation and entrepreneurship. He was able to communicate the values and ideals of TheGlint – no easy task when you're talking about 'redesigning heroism'. People love Alexandros, a key trait in anyone building communities. He has a loud, joyous laugh, big personality but most of all, the philosopher in him is most charming."

Danielle Strachman

Danielle Strachman

Founder & General Partner at 1517 Fund

"When the Thiel Fellowship first launched its first cohort of fellows in 2011, many of the fellows were looking for a place to live. TheGlint served as a wonderful home and launching pad into the entrepreneurial and artistic communities of San Francisco. Alexandros supported a number of fellows in the house and helped to guide them both professionally and personally. Additionally, Alexandros was very helpful to our staff in thinking about community living and we hosted a couple events that TheGlint that were very well received!"

Melissa Ngan

Melissa Ngan

President & CEO at American Composers Orchestra

"Alexandros created an amazing community & space at TheGlint. Fifth House Ensemble had the pleasure of working with him as visiting collaborators for ArtFlux, which paired multiple genres of music with diverse visual and performing arts disciplines. He showed exceptional skill in curating the event, participants, and the attendees as an extension of the larger collaborative living/working space at TheGlint. Even though our time together was brief, Alexandros has an incredible way of connecting quickly, engaging deeply, and in a very natural way have the types of conversations that lead to growth."

Niko Bonatsos

Niko Bonatsos

Managing Director, General Catalyst

"Alexandros is a great thinker who always asks the smartest questions in the room. I have consistently been impressed with our debates about tech, trends, the society and the human condition..."

Mona Green

Mona Green

Life Coach & Artist

"A conversation with Alexandros is like having a conversation with all the masters found in a library of both ancient and living knowledge. A true erudite scholar of the human condition, his knowledge is only bested by his empathy and beautiful heart. His devotion to growth and learning and incredible humility allow him to create spaces safe enough for others to explore their edges as he courageously leads by example. I have never left a conversation with Alexandros without feeling like a better human being and having learned something new. This is what makes him special. This is his super power. This is why working with him is so worth it."

Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

VP at Sage AI Labs

I know Alexandros for about 12 years now. He had been part of the Blackbox team early on and continued to support and advise. His presence has been invaluable for the team and the unique community that has evolved around Blackbox. Above all his exemplary idealism, moral principles, radical honesty and ethical leadership have significantly influenced Blackbox's identity. Even during hard times his contribution has been unquestionable while he has shown exceptional effectiveness in executing. For the residents of Blackbox mansion he has become the soul of the mansion. As a modern day philosopher he has joyfully taken on the challenge of being at the global forefront of change makers & innovators at Blackbox. I believe he has the rare spark to fundamentally redefine the practice of philosophy in the future. I recommend him wholeheartedly in his function as teacher, leader and philosopher.

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